Energy Sites Status Commissioning
or acquisition
participation (%)
capacity (MW)
capacity (MW)
Region PPA expiration
Energy Region Net installed capacity (MW)
Quebec 20
British Columbia 950
Iceland 1
Total 971
Wind energy
Quebec 1155
Ontario 550
British Columbia 475
Total 2180
Solar energy
Ontario 40
Total 40
Total 3191

About our prospective sites

Innergex also owns interest in numerous projects that have secured land rights, for which an investigative permit application has been filed or for which a proposal has been or could be submitted under a Request for Proposal or a Standing Offer Program (collectively the “Prospective Projects”). These projects are at various stages of development.

Some Prospective Projects are targeted toward specific Requests for Proposals. Other Prospective Projects are maintained or continue to be advanced and will be available for future requests for proposals yet to be announced or are targeted toward negotiated PPAs with public utilities or other retail, financial or commercial entities (or other various arrangements) in Canada, the United States, France, Chile and Iceland. These numerous Prospective Projects have a combined potential net installed capacity of 8,382 MW. There is no certainty that any of these prospective Projects will be realized.

Learn more about our prospective projects in Saskatchewan, Ohio and Hawai’i.