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A Global Player in Renewable Energy

We are a 100% renewable energy company, operating hydroelectric, wind, solar and battery projects in Canada, the United States, France and Chile. Our rigorous ESG practices promote a cleaner economy, with long-term partnerships with local and Indigenous communities. Our proactive approach enables us not only to seize opportunities, but also to create them, reinforcing our leadership position in the attractive and fast-growing renewable energies sector.

Diversified portfolio and stable cash flow

We operate 87 facilities, including an extensive portfolio of high-quality run-of-river hydroelectric assets. Our balanced portfolio is at the heart of our risk management strategy, with significant diversification to mitigate the variability of natural resources. Our portfolio as a whole has a strong, highly contracted profile, providing predictable, inflation-protected income.

Disciplined approach to yield

We have access to diverse sources of capital to implement growth strategies while maintaining an investment-grade credit rating. Our capital initiatives strengthen our balance sheet and finance our growth. We seek to pursue selective capital initiatives to strengthen our balance sheet, reduce risk and finance additional growth.


Investor Relations

Naji Baydoun
Director - Investor Relations

Kristine Labrunye
Senior Analyst- Investor Relations +1 450-928-2550 ext. 1263

Canada and U.S toll free :

+1 800-564-6253

Or international direct dials :

+1 514-982-7555

Fax :

+1 888-453-0330


Innergex is committed to being transparent and accountable in all aspects of our business activities. We believe in projects that are accepted by host communities, respectful of the environment, ethically governed, and economically viable both for us and our stakeholders.

2023 Annual documents :

Gain insights into our achievements, financial standing, and strategic initiatives as we provide a detailed account of our journey over the past year. Delve into the narratives and numbers that define our success throughout the year and commitment to our stakeholders.

Credit Ratings

Fitch Ratings – Corporate rating
  • Rating BBB- Outlook Negative
  • Rated since 2020 December 2nd
  • Latest report 2024 May 21th
Fitch Ratings – Preferred shares rating
  • Rating BB
  • Rated since 2020 December 2nd
  • Latest report 2024 May 21th

Financial analysts

Financial coverage of Innergex
  • BMO Capital Markets Ben Pham
  • CIBC Capital Markets Mark Javi
  • Cormark Securities Nicholas Boychuk
  • Desjardins Securities Brent Stadler
  • National Bank Financial Rupert W. Merer
  • Peters & Co Limited Ken Chmela
  • Raymond James David Quezada
  • RBC Capital Markets Nelson Ng
  • Scotiabank Robert Hope
  • TD Securities Sean Steuart
The above list is strictly informative. The opinions, estimates or forecasts provided by these analysts with respect to Innergex’s performance are their own and do not represent those of either Innergex or its management.
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