• Site Canada
  • Energy Hydroelectricity
  • Client Hydro-Québec
  • Status In operation
  • Gross installed capacity 7.5
  • Participation Innergex (%) 50
  • Partnership Pituvik Landholding Corporation

Innavik is a 7.5 MW run-of-river hydroelectric facility whose renewable electricity supplies the Nunavik community of Inukjuak, reducing its dependence on diesel for electricity, heating and hot water by 80%.

The project stems from the community’s willingness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is expected to have significant social and economic impacts for the 1,800 inhabitants of Inukjuak, Nunavik’s second most populated community.

Revenue generated from the project is used to meet community social, educational, and traditional lifestyles needs of children, youth and elders, and invest in economic entrepreneurship opportunities.


Innavik was initiated by the Pituvik Landholding Corporation who chose Innergex Renewable Energy Inc., to develop the project. It is a 50-50 partnership driven by the community that will ensure a new source of revenue generation while supporting the community by focusing on current needs and investing in long-term sustainable development initiatives.

Incorporated in 1979, the Pituvik Landholding Corporation holds title to lands classified as Category “I”, associated with the Inukjuak territory, on behalf of the community beneficiaries. It is a non-profit organization with regards to the land regime in Chapter 7 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and the Act respecting the land regime in the James Bay and New Québec territories.

Find out more on the Innavik website.