Tonnerre energy storage project

Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. chooses a battery developed by developed by EVLO, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec for its new energy storage project in France

What will Innerge's battery energy storage project achieve?

+ The project will provide grid stability during unforeseen circumstances (e.g. adverse weather events, production outages).

+ The project will also help balance and secure the French power transmission system by containing the deviation and restoring the target frequency of 50 Hz.

Promoting Quebec's battery expertise on the international scene

Advantages of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIP) battery developed by EVLO, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec

Lithium iron phosphate (LIP) battery chemistry differs from conventional lithium-ion batteries in many ways and offers a few benefits.

+ Safe. The lithium iron phosphate (LIP) chemistry used differs from conventional lithium-ion batteries in several ways. It is much safer due to its unique molecular structure, which provides intrinsic safety against thermal effects. 

+ Ecological and efficient. It also has a smaller environmental footprint by being manufactured from abundant and non-toxic raw materials while allowing a recycling process that is able to recover and reuse 99% of all active battery materials. This chemistry also offers increased durability of nearly 15 years for typical uses (or 7,000 cycles).

Innergex at a glance
  • Develops, acquires and operates renewable energy facilities
  • Conducts operations in Canada (Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario), the United States, France and Chile
  • 75 facilities in operation
    • 37 small hydro facilities
    • 32 wind farms
    • 6 solar farms
  • Total installed capacity of almost 3,694 MW
  • Enterprise value of approximately $9.0 billion

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