Boswell Springs

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The Boswell Springs Wind Project (the “Project”) is located in Albany County, Wyoming, approximately 14 miles northeast of the town of Rock River and approximately 20 miles east of Medicine Bow.

The Project site spans approximately 21,500 acres of privately held land and will consist of approximately 100 wind turbines for an installed capacity of 330 megawatts (MW), with an expected power generation of approximately 1,160 gigawatt-hours/year.

The Project will connect into the PacifiCorp power grid at the PacifiCorp Freezeout Substation in Carbon County, WY, approximately 34.5 miles west of the generating facility via the Last Mile Transmission Project.

Construction of the Last Mile Transmission Project has begun in January 2023 and works on the Boswell Springs Wind Project have been underway since June 2023 with commercial operation planned for Q4 2024 for an initial term of 30 years.

Community Benefits

Being a good neighbor is a priority for Innergex. We have a long and successful track record of developing and operating high-quality, environmentally responsible, and socially acceptable renewable energy projects across the USA and around the world. Moreover, Innergex intends to be the long-term owner and operator of the Project and having a good relationship with the community is imperative.

Over the life of the Project, Boswell Springs will make major direct and indirect contributions to the local community. When developing a project, Innergex believes in maximizing local benefits, such as giving preference to hiring local people, consultants, businesses, and contractors. Over the 17-month construction period, we expect 150-200 full-time equivalent jobs to be filled, and approximately 10 full-time employees during operations.

In addition to construction and employment expenditures, the Boswell Springs Wind Project is expected to contribute approximately $65M in Property Tax, $34M in Wind Generation Tax, and at least $20M in Sales and Use Tax during the 30-year lifespan of the Project, directly benefiting local schools, health districts, conservation districts, and other county facilities and tax districts. Impact assistance payments will be distributed to the communities of Rock River, Laramie, Medicine Bow, Hanna, and Elk Mountain throughout the construction period.

Environment and Permitting

Innergex’s facilities are developed and operated with adherence to environmental guidance and regulations from agencies, development codes, and best practices. A series of studies and surveys on environmental resources were conducted over multiple years, including but not limited to birds, plants, animals, cultural resources, and socioeconomics to understand project constraints and setbacks to make more informed decisions to minimize, mitigate or avoid environmental impacts.Various required federal, state, and local permits have been received for the Project and conditions are now ripe for the bulk of construction activities to recommence. Additional required surveys will be completed following detailed design and prior to construction start.

About the Wind Facility

The Boswell Springs Wind Project will have a capacity of approximately 330 MW, producing 1,160 gigawatt-hours annually which is enough energy to power the equivalent of 113,000 Wyoming households, and is located on privately held land which is largely undeveloped and mainly used for cattle ranching; while the Project area is approximately 21,500 acres, the actual footprint of the project will use a small fraction of that land, allowing the tradition of ranching to continue on the land.The Project will consist of wind turbine generators and related interconnection facilities. These turbines will roughly form 10 rows aligned north-south.

Boswell Springs Wind Facility and Last Mile Transmission

Boswell springs wind project

Anticipated* Construction Timeline

*Timing is based on current estimates but may change slightly.


January : Construction of Last Mile Transmission Project begins.

June : We provided the notice to proceed for the start of construction with our EPC contractor for the Boswell Springs Project Site mobilization: prepare site for office/laydown area – activity localized to one site. Minimal impact. Start turbine foundation and construction. Construction activities ongoing across the site, expect levels of noise and dust.

July : Start collection system installation. Construction activities continue across the site. Expect levels of noise and dust.

August : Start of road construction (localized at the start). Start of O&M building foundation and construction (localized to one site). Minimal impact.


May : Wind turbine delivery begins and installation starts. Cranes on site, more local traffic disruption with delivery of the components (blades, towers, etc.).

August : Wind turbine delivery ends. Most of the traffic and project construction impacts on local community finished.

October-December : Project commissioning and completion.


Boswell Springs Wind Project Brochure


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