Hale Kuawehi

  • Emplacement États-Unis
  • Énergie Énergie solaire
  • Client HECO
  • État En construction
  • Puissance installée brute 30
  • Participation Innergex (%) 100

As part of the request for proposal process launched in 2018 by the Hawaiian Electric Company and its subsidiaries, Innergex is pleased to propose Hale Kuawehi, a solar and battery storage project, to the Hawai’i community. The project received Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approval in March 2019. This project would be developed on land owned by the historic Parker Ranch near Waimea, on the island of Hawai’i.

The project would power approximately 14,600 Hawaiian households with clean, renewable energy.

To power the island of Hawai’i with clean and renewable solar energy, a solar field would be built with arrays of photovoltaic panels arranged in rows on single-axis tracking foundations. The solar array would charge the battery during the day to provide electricity whenever it is needed most, day or night.

A solar project of this nature also requires the following components:

  • the solar photovoltaic system;
  • a network of electrical collector lines;
  • battery energy storage and inverter units;
  • step-up transformers;
  • a collector substation and transformer;
  • an overhead generation-tie line;
  • internal access roads; and
  • temporary laydown (i.e. staging) areas for construction.


Hale Kuawehi must be connected to the grid to supply the community with the needed power. An interconnection route would be built and consist of an overhead transmission line that would extend from the Project switchyard approximately 0.7-miles northwest, across Mamalahoa Highway, to connect into the Hawaii Electric Light Company transmission line.

The solar field and associated infrastructure would occupy approximately 300 acres.

Hale Kuawehi Solar project


In 2018, Hawaiian Electric Companies launched the first phase of their renewable energy procurement process. By 2022, the Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) are seeking to add 390 MW of renewable energy to the State’s energy mix through a competitive procurement process. As such, HECO and its subsidiary companies, Maui Electric Company and Hawaii Electric Light Company, launched a request for proposals process in the spring of 2018 for clean, renewable energy projects for O’ahu, Maui and Hawai’i Island that would help the state meet its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045, bringing more stable electricity costs to consumers and reduce its dependency on imported sources of energy.

Community engagement is ongoing throughout the entire process.

The project has the potential to contribute up to 7.7% to Hawaii Electric Lights RFP over the 25-year term of the PPA and 0.8% to the Company’s consolidated RPS.

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