Palmer Falls

  • Sitio Estados Unidos
  • Energía Hidroelectricidad
  • Cliente Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation
  • Estado In operation
  • Poner en funcionamiento 1986
  • Adquisición 2021
  • Potencia bruta instalada 48
  • Participación Innergex (%) 50
  • Asociación Hydro-Québec
Palmer Falls is a 48 MW run-of-river hydroelectric facility located in Corinth in New York State, which, along with the Curtis Mills facility, comprise the Curtis Palmer portfolio of assets. The facility was commissioned in 1986 following an important redevelopment and consists of two 24 MW Kaplan vertical turbines. The facility has a power purchase agreement for energy, RECs and capacity with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation that expires upon the earlier of either December 31, 2027 or the delivery of cumulative 10,000 GWh.
Innergex and Hydro-Québec own the facility under a 50-50 partnership resulting from the Strategic Alliance between Innergex and Hydro-Québec.