Foard City

  • Ubicación Estados Unidos
  • Energía Energía eólica
  • Cliente Vistra Energy
  • Estado In operation
  • Puesta en servicio 2019
  • Adquisición 2018
  • Vencimiento de PPA 2031
  • Potencia bruta instalada 350.3
  • Participación Innergex (%) 77.8
  • Asociación Irradiant Partners, LP
The Foard City wind farm, which consists of 139 GE turbines spreading over 31,449 acres in Foard County in Texas, is, to this date, the largest wind farm built by Innergex with a total installed capacity of 350.3 MW. Its commissioning activities began in September 2019. The wind farm benefits from a 12-year power purchase agreement with Vistra Energy for 300 MW of the Foard City total installed capacity, while the remainder of the project’s output receives a merchant market price.