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Mile High Solar Energy Project

Innergex Renewable Energy USA is in the mid-stage of developing a solar panel energy facility located in Adams County, Colorado, 5 miles northeast of the Denver Airport. We are currently targeting a project that that has an energy capacity of up to 300 megawatts (MW), comprised of a 100-199 MW photovoltaic solar array, with a four-hour battery energy storage system (BESS) of up to 100 MW as an option.

The proposed project would be located on approximately 1,275 acres of privately-owned land with approximately 15 acres of easement for transmission and would consist of a solar field with arrays of photovoltaic (PV) panels that will be neatly arranged in rows. Other equipment on site would include inverters, battery energy storage system, step-up transformers/inverters, the project substation, underground and overhead electrical cables, collector lines, acces roads and fencing, meteorological towers and an operations and maintenance building.

The project is in the mid-stage of development and minor adjustments to the project size and configuration are anticipated in consideration of environmental, technical, and community engagement input. We have completed a number of baseline environmental surveys and studies to understand environmental constraints and conditions for development, with more studies to be completed next year.

Surrounding landowners and local stakeholders play a key role at this stage in the development process. We hope to gain valuable insight and input from those who are most familiar with the area.


Neighborhood Meeting

Innergex Renewable Development USA, LLC held a neighborhood meeting for the proposed Mile High Solar Energy Project on February 7, 2023. Thank you for attending! Please email milehighsolar@innergex.com or call (778) 689-6023 for any further questions.

Local Benefits

Mile High will make major direct and indirect contributions to the local community. In terms of employment, we anticipate about 250-350 people employed at peak construction and approximately 2-4 full-time employees during operations, depending on the final project design.

In addition to construction and employment expenditures, the Mile High Solar Project is expected to contribute several millions in property taxes over the life of the project, providing stable long term revenues to Adams County that will support schools, local government, roads, emergency services, etc. The project will have a dedicated budget for annual community investments including local sponsorships and donations.



There is growing demand for renewable energy in Colorado from residents, corporations and electric utilities. The regional power market pricing supports the construction of this new capacity. Significant advances in solar PV technology over the last 10 years leading to decreases in solar energy equipment pricing have made solar energy project development in Colorado more viable.



When operational, the Mile High Solar Energy Project will be a quiet renewable energy facility with limited visual impact and will be a major source of clean power in the region.



The area is ideal because it has a good solar resource, supportive landowners, available transmission capacity on the electrical grid and flat open ground. The project’s close proximity to Denver also means that the electricity will be generated near a large demand center – a key project benefit.


Innergex Renewable Energy USA will be responsible for 100% of the development, financing, construction and start-up costs. After completion, Innergex will also be responsible for all operational and maintenance costs, as well as all decommissioning costs.


Innergex could begin construction in Q1 2025, at the earliest. Construction typically lasts 14-16 months. Therefore, the project could generate clean energy by 2026. It would then operate for the next 30-50 years, all while directly contributing to the community.

Contact us

It is important to Innergex that we keep you informed as we go forward with this potential project. If you have questions, comments or would you to share, contact us at :


Mile High Solar Energy Project, C/O Innergex Renewables USA LLC

3636 Nobel Drive, Suite 260

San Diego, CA 92122