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Project and community benefits

A project that will bring many benefits to the surrounding communities

Construction and operation phases will create benefits in terms of new employment opportunities, as well as the use of local resources. Preference would be given to retaining local persons, consultants, businesses and contractors throughout the development of the project.


Community Benefits


Opportunities abound within Maui’s robust non-profit sector and its year-round schedule of festivals, events, conferences, fundraisers, etc. Innergex is committed to annually evaluating sponsorships and doing its share to target support to them.


As a member in community organizations, Innergex would have the opportunity to participate in specific programs that support the missions of the organizations and help to advance mutually-held values and goals.

For a more detailed outline of Project and Community Benefits see the 2018-2020 Community Outreach and Engagement Report.

Long-term benefits derived from this Project are expected to include the following: