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Developing renewable energy in Hawai'i
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Developing renewable energy in Hawai'i
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Developing renewable energy in Hawai'i

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Developing renewable energy in Hawai'i

Our proposed solar plus battery storage projects in Hawai’i would capture the renewable energy of the sun to generate electricity and store it for when it is most needed.

Innergex is currently in the process of advancing three solar projects in Hawai'i that are in various stages of development

Innergex believes that working with communities on developing renewable energy projects is a priority. Our vision is to foster long-term relationships that are built on sharing the benefits that our projects bring.

About Innergex

For 30 years, Innergex has believed in a world where abundant renewable energy promotes healthier communities and creates shared prosperity.


We are a team of passionate individuals who build strong partnership with local communities.


We believe that renewable energy is part of the solution to climate change.


We generate value for our employees, our shareholders, our partners and our host communities.

Solar energy development at Innergex

Innergex brings the necessary resources, capital, and expertise in the field of renewable solar energy. We also have a successful track record of working with indigenous and local communities to help shape last legacies. Guided by its core values, Innergex engages with host communities from the earliest development stage of a project with the goal of being a long-term community partner for the life of the project. 

Innergex’s philosophy has always been to develop and operate reliable, high-quality projects while respecting the environment and balancing the best interests of host communities and partners. When developing a renewable energy project, Innergex aims to be a valuable community member by generating local benefits that go back into the community. We have  a long history of sponsoring and supporting local associations, legacy projects and community events in the communities we serve.

Our passion to produce renewable energy stems from a profound belief that we can all make a difference in making the world a better place for future generations. At Innergex, sustainable development is a key part of our growth strategy – our facilities are developed and operated with strict adherence to environmental codes and best practices. We are driven by the belief that what we do matters as much as how we do it by developing projects that avoid, minimize, mitigate or offset the impacts on the surrounding area.

About solar and battery storage systems

The sun is a highly stable and predictable resource, which makes solar technology correspondingly reliable and easy to use. The sun’s energy is converted directly into electricity by a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel. As this process requires no fuel, it creates no emissions during operations. As a result, solar energy is one of the cleanest, most reliable forms of energy around. 

The effectiveness of a solar energy system depends on a number of factors:

  • the number of hours of sunshine;
  • the season;
  • weather conditions;
  • albedo (the reflecting power of the surrounding surface);
  • and they are always tilted and oriented to capture the maximum amount of light.

Battery storage works by storing the energy produced by solar panels during the day. The higher the battery’s capacity, the more solar energy it can store. The energy in the battery storage can be used whenever it is needed most, day or night.

At the end of its operational life, the equipment will be recycled and the land the project occupies will be returned to its original state.

More information on solar energy is available at Innergex, the Solar Energy Industries Association, and the International Energy Agency.