Social acceptability is key

Innergex has made social acceptability the cornerstone of its development strategy and has a long history of building solid long-term relationships with local communities and First Nations. This has proven to be an incredible lever for growth over the years, because time and again it has enabled us to build successful projects. Even more, it has created projects that are better because they are in keeping with a sustainable development perspective. Whether in the form of shared economic benefits, employment opportunities, shared ownership, or partnership agreements, we recognize the growing willingness for communities to become agents of their own socio-economic development – a trend we expect to continue to grow.

Engaging with local communities and First Nations

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Social acceptability is the starting point for a profitable and sustainable development model and an essential condition for our long-term success. It has proven to be an important economic lever in:

  • Reducing the risks related to project development and operations
  • Ensuring that projects generate the expected revenues
  • Contributing to the stability of our cash flows and dividends
  • Strengthening our reputational capital
  • Creating new growth opportunities

Partnerships that work

We are keenly aware that energy development is driven by the will of local municipalities and First Nations. When a host community decides to develop a project in partnership with us, this is perhaps the best indicator of a strong level of social acceptability. Over the years, we have shown vision in creating a bold and successful development model based on partnerships, which for us means:

  • Sharing information
  • Sharing efforts and risks, and
  • Sharing in the fair distribution of benefits

Our partnerships are proving to be an excellent calling card and a key differentiator for Innergex. We believe that they are an indispensable part of the future of renewable energy development.

Health and safety

For Innergex, upholding rigorous health and safety standards goes far beyond simply complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Our priority is the safety and protection of our employees on every Innergex site from coast to coast. With this in mind, we have adopted an Environment, Health and Safety Policy and a management system that formalizes our commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for employees; complying with laws pertaining to the protection of employees, the public and the environment; evaluating and taking into account the potential impacts of our activities; and minimizing or avoiding these impacts. Our management system is modelled after the BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management standard, a recognized reference for occupational risk management and prevention systems.

Quality employer

We are well aware that our accomplishments are made possible by our outstanding team of employees. Their collective knowledge, talent, skills, abilities, experience and judgment have always been key to Innergex’s long-term success. We pride ourselves on hiring for the long term, providing career opportunities for employees to grow as the Company develops. We consider the management of our human resources to be a long-term commitment focused on the collective success of the Company as a whole. We seek employees who share our culture and strong work ethic, and we offer them fair wages and generous benefits. We have been able to attract and retain individuals who share a tremendous work ethic and a strong corporate culture by offering fair compensation, attractive working conditions, a safe working environment, and opportunities for development.