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EnergySolar energy
StatusIn operation
PPA expiration2032
Innergex participation (%)100.0
Capacity - gross (MW)33.2
Capacity - net (MW)33.2
ClientIndependent Electricity System Operator (IESO)


The Stardale solar farm is presently in operation at two sites, 500 meters apart from each other (“South site” and “North site”). Located 5 km southwest from the village of St. Eugene (East Hawkesbury Township) the whole solar farm totals 300 acres.

The total installed capacity is of 33.2 MW in direct current (DC). A total of 54 inverters are required to transform the DC energy in order to generate 27 MW of alternative current (AC) on the 44 kV feeder.

The forecast electric output is estimated to 39 000 MWh, enough to provide electricity to more than 4,350 Ontario homes. The production estimate has been calculated using irradiance solar data for the 1961-2005 period therefore taking into consideration the derate factors affecting the energy output (modules, conductors, inverters, etc.).

A total of more than 144 000 Solar World polycrystalline modules (SW 230) are installed with a fixed tilt angle of 25 degrees to the horizontal surface.