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The Yotin Wind Project

Innergex is part of the Yotin Wind Power Limited Partnership, together with Beardy’s & Okemasis Cree Nation of Saskatchewan. The Project is in its early stage of development. The Yotin Wind Power Limited Partnership was qualified in the first SaskPower Request for Qualification (RFQ) and had submitted the project in the Request for Proposals in the first quarter of 2018*.

The Yotin Wind Power Limited Partnership would develop, construct and operate the Yotin Wind Project.

The Yotin Wind Project, as other projects developed by Innergex, would generate benefits to local communities in addition to job opportunities. Local suppliers would be engaged for the project, sourcing would be made as locally as possible, there could be sponsorships to local events, associations and other legacy projects. A community contribution has also been proposed, that is intended to share project benefits with the community over the long term and to recognize the value of the support from the local community for the Project.

*Please note that the project has not been selected in the request for proposals.

Potential employment opportunities (# of positions)

PHASE 100 MW Project 200 MW Project
Construction (at peak) 180 – 220 250 – 300
Operation (for life of project) 5 – 6 8 – 10

The Yotin Wind Project layout will take into consideration local community perspectives and concerns. It will also be subject to environmental assessments to ensure that its potential effect on the immediate surroundings, including plants, birds, bats, and other wildlife, are carefully considered before construction is allowed to start. Detailed environmental studies and an environmental regulatory review, which includes a public consultation process, will take place should the project be selected by SaskPower.

Environment studies for the Yotin Wind Project have been on-going since May 2015 and will continue throughout the development phase, and if successful in our bid, will carry on during the construction and operation phases of the project. Furthermore, meetings with key stakeholders who have information and an interest in bird populations have already started, as well as public meetings to gather feedback on the project. The intention is to arrive at the best possible final layout that balances technical, environmental and social considerations.

We know that successful renewable energy projects are developed with the input and support of local communities. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, concerns, comments and suggestions on this project.


For more information on the Yotin Wind Project

Phone: 306 554-5544
Email: yotin@innergex.com