Energy Sites Status Commissioning
or acquisition
participation (%)
capacity (MW)
capacity (MW)
Region PPA expiration
Energy Region Net installed capacity (MW)
Quebec 20
British Columbia 950
Total 970
Wind energy
Quebec 1155
Ontario 550
British Columbia 475
Total 2180
Solar energy
Ontario 40
Total 40
Total 3190

About our prospective sites

All Prospective Projects, representing a total net installed capacity of 3,190 MW, are in their preliminary development stages.

The installed capacity of projects in development and prospective projects is provided as an indication only and could be subject to adjustments.

Ontario Large Renewable Procurement Request for Proposals

Under the Large Renewable Procurement Request for Proposals, the Independant Electricity System Operator (IESO) requires that all qualified applicants display information on their website on the projects they plan on submitting.

You will find below a list of the projects that Innergex intends to submit under the IESO Large Renewable Procurement for Proposals.