Stability and secure growth

Mr. Jean La Couture, Chairman of the Board, summarizes the role and priorities of the Board of Directors of Innergex.

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Jean La Couture is Chairman of the Board of Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.


Mr. La Couture, what is the priority for the Board of Directors of Innergex?

As always, the stability and the secure growth of Innergex remain our absolute priorities.

What does this mean concretely?

The Board of Directors fully supports management’s decision to favour internal growth through the development of renewable energy projects, in order to create added value for its shareholders.

While not excluding the possibility of external growth, the management team intends to remain opportunistic in the study of potential acquisitions.

What role do you believe the Board of Directors must play in a public company?

The primary function of a board of directors is to protect the best interests of the company’s shareholders and, by extension, of all its stakeholders. For the Board of Directors of Innergex, the best way to exercise this responsibility is to adhere to best practices in corporate governance. This is also consistent with a sustainable development approach, as a complement to the integration of social, environmental, and economic considerations in the conduct of the Company’s activities.

This is something you’ve been doing for a number of years. Are there other changes in sight?

Indeed, we have worked to improve our practices in the last few years, namely with respect to risk management – involving a thorough review of processes for the management and disclosure of risks, succession planning, and executive compensation.

In the spirit of the small-steps theory, we continue to improve our way of working, while remaining attentive to the opportunities and challenges presented by the renewable energy industry for the Company.

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